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Your Blueprint For Success

Recently, 2 young men returned to their high school to help with a youth football camp. One is a Biology major, the other studies Business Administration. Both, compete at the same university.

One of the young men, a walk-on, has spent his first two seasons on the practice squad and is a menial role player. The other is on a full academic and athletic scholarship, is captain of the defense, and returning All-American. He’s even been projected for next year’s NFL draft.

The key difference between these two young Athletes is one thing: MINDSET

The Elite Athlete has a foundation built on their goals, their purpose, and a system for success. It becomes their blueprint for how to conquer fear, crush the competition and achieve amazing results.

So how do you establish an athlete’s blueprint for success?
Where should their focus be placed in order to take their performance to the next level?




  • The Successful Habits Formula
  • The B-Alert System
  • Four Key Areas of Athletic Excellence
  • The Strangest Secret to Winning
  • Discover the Secret Foundation to Maximize your Full Athletic Potential

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  • The #1 mistake made by 90% of athletes
  • Secrets to competing that most athletes never figure out
  • Decoding the mystery of ultimate human performance
  • Defining, recognizing, and overcoming fear
  • Strategies to remove all mental barriers and uncertainties


Empowering the mind of a young Athlete can lead to drastically improved game time performance and an increased work ethic off the field. Uncovering what makes them tick, what they are afraid of, what they want, how bad they want it… these are all important pieces of the puzzle that make up the mind of an Elite Athlete. Including their mindset, their motivation and their obstacles.

This workbook is engineered for the motivated and struggling Athlete, who wants to CONQUER FEAR, CRUSH COMPETITION, and ACHIEVE AMAZING RESULTS.

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Here are Some of the Tools Your Athlete will Learn Inside this Informative Workbook:

Page 8 – Athletes’ Manifesto
Page 12 – FEAR
Page 24 – The Successful Habits Formula
Page 44 – How to Find your Purpose
Page 66 – The B-Alert System
Page 92 – Mastering the Uncontrollables
Page 97 – Developing a Championship Focus
Page 106 – How To Create Your Personal Positive Affirmations

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