5 Ways Sports Mastery Can Turn A Motivated Student-Athlete
An Elite Student-Athlete


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My show provides Parents, Coaches, Mentors and Athletes with:

  • What it takes to be a Division-1 Athlete, go to the Olympics or go Pro… and how a Parent and Coach can best support that journey
  • Instant knowledge to improve the Athlete’s game
  • How to bridge communication gaps between Parent, Coach, Mentor and Athlete
  • Discussions on the physical, mental, and social dynamics of the world’s best Athletes
  • How to systematically tackle and overcome the Athlete’s obstacles
  • Show Takeaway PDFs to focus on the important aspects of the episode and remind yourself of best practices

Wow, my new favorite show!

This show is great and hits so many topics that all coaches, parents and athletes should be listening to. So many topics hit home and they are important to be hearing. Thanks for such a great show!

February 10, 2017 by Therykerdane from United States

Sports Mastery Podcast

February 10, 2017 by Therykerdane from United States


Now In Hard-Copy! Includes spaces to write in answers.

The Sports Mastery Workbook is your Athlete’s Blueprint for Success!

A guide to achieving athletic excellence. Engineered for the motivated and struggling Athlete who wants to conquer fear, crush competition and achieve amazing results!
They’ll learn:

  • The #1 mistake made by 90% of athletes
  • Secrets to competing that most athletes never figure out
  • Decoding the mystery of ultimate human performance
  • How to define, recognize, and overcome fear
  • Strategies to remove all mental barriers and uncertainties
  • An Exclusive Bonus

DeShawn’s systems are game changing for any athlete looking to take their game to the next level. This guide is proven to help you overcome the obstacles you’ll face throughout your athletic career. Let DeShawn help you get to the top! – Kelly C.

individual coaching


*Much of my time will be spent with the Student-Athlete, however a Parent, Coach or Mentor will also need to be involved. This relationship is essential to the Athlete reaching their goals.

With Individual coaching the athlete will:

  • Learn how to achieve lasting results
  • Increase their focus, motivation, mental toughness and self-confidence
  • Face and overcome their fears
  • Receive 2 weekly coaching and accountability calls
  • Receive guidance through exercises, assignments, worksheets, readings, and activities
  • Be assigned real world confidence building missions
  • Create a master plan and set appropriate goals
  • Learn how to communicate with their Coach
  • Develop a championship focus

“The ability to push through in the face of pain, adversity, or great odds is the number 1 determination of whether an individual will be successful. Don’t quit! You will be rewarded with something only the select few achieve. This system works. Success is a choice. DeShawn has helped my son Ethan become one of the best 12 yr old pitchers in the Northwest.”     – Mike H.

Team Coaching


Designed to equip Athletes and Coaches with a detailed understanding of the life skills necessary to manage the social, relational, and emotional dynamics present in youth, high school and collegiate athletics.

Concepts covered include fear, focus, social dynamics, creating successful habits, creating a master plan, confidence building, goal setting, mental rehearsal techniques and motivation.

You’ll Receive:

  • Dynamic interactive presentations
  • Experiential assignments
  • Team building activities
  • Customized material based on the specific concepts your team needs to address

“What sets Sports Mastery apart from others is that DeShawn places a high value on the story of each athlete he trains. His Sports Mastery system brings it all home; teaching the student-athlete to accept & embrace fear, while developing a confidence mindset. This is the real deal not a watered down positive thinking program. Sports Mastery compels the student-athlete to take action towards their hopes and dreams. Come experience for yourself!”     – Coach Jordan